Innso was born in the heart of the
contact center ecosystem

We’ve designed our technology with both the customer and the contact center in mind. Our truly omnichannel platform stands out from the crowd because of a unique inside-out approach to development that is fueled by operational feedback.

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Employees Worldwide
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Our Values

Team Spirit

Together we count on each other to perform and excel as a team


We empower ourselves and each other to overcome challenges together 


Our team and products adjust quickly and easily to market and client needs


A multicultural, multilingual, multiskilled outlook makes us stronger 

We help improve customer interaction
through intelligent software

We do more than recognize customer expectations: we meet the needs of agents, supervisors and managers. This innovative approach, informed by real-world customer service challenges, continuously improves our clients’ abilities to deliver high-quality CX.

As a spin-off of Sitel Group®, we have not only the backing and resources of an international group, but also the agility and energy of a startup.

Join the Team

There’s a better way to customer service

Executive Team

David Slaviero
David SlavieroAdvisor & Co-Founder
Nicolas Raffin
Nicolas Raffin Founder & CEO
Ana Athayde
Ana Athayde General Manager

Management Team

Laurent Manns
Laurent Manns Head of Development
Vincent Van Elsuve
Vincent Van Elsuve Head of Professional Services
Lucile Denoeud
Lucile Denoeud Head of Product
Geoffroy d'Aligny
Geoffroy d'AlignyHead of Sales Northern Europe
Marc Verrall
Marc VerrallHead of Solutions
Sebastien Parent
Sebastien ParentHead of Tech Delivery
Anthony Belleguic
Anthony BelleguicHead of Alliances & Partnerships

“Innso enabled us to take full control of the backlog and decide at any moment how we should allocate operational resources.” 

Winner,  Customer Service of 2020 

Nicolas Trapp
Head of Sales and Customer Services, Direct Assurance (AXA)

“I can configure 80% of innso’s solution and only need 20% custom developed. It’s an extremely powerful tool.”

Thibault Constans
Head of Customer Service, Sogetrel

 “It’s the agility. The way we can implement new features very quickly is a real bonus for us.” 

Daniel Korb
Head of Subsidiary Support, Total

“Not only an omnichannel, unified, agile, and evolving solution, but also a company capable of supporting our digital transformation.”

Salwa Alami
Digital Transformation & CX Manager, Opel Vauxhall Finance

“Innso gives us complete tracking and qualification over our emails, allowing us to allocate our agents intelligently according to SLAs and the nature of each request.”

Stéphane Samolej
Head of Customer Service, Batisanté

“Innso connects seamlessly with our WMS and ecosystem of homegrown solutions. We’ve now limited the number of applications that our agents have to switch between.”

Amandine Pacaud
E-Commerce Manager, Heineken

“With innso, we create more emotion, intention, personalization for our customers.” 

Mohammed Ismaili
Customer Transformation Program Manager, Orange