Where does your organization stand on chat and messaging? Are you ready to move to more efficient, more accessible, better integrated modes of contact?

Can you do it while lowering cost to serve, increasing customer satisfaction, and elevating agents’ sense of purpose and achievement?

Creating a conversational link across all channels is no longer optional. Our use case shows the measurable benefits of chat and messaging.

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Connect with customers, transform business operations

Today’s customers expect the convenience and facility of seamlessly omnichannel communication, and in this post-pandemic age they know brands can provide: they expect businesses to resolve
queries, offer expert advice, suggest novel solutions, and secure long-term appreciation across their chosen channels mix.

With time at a premium, customers are seeking out the channels that are most familiar, closest to hand, or best suited to the task. Chat encompasses a clutch of conversational channels: the ubiquitous SMS, the cross-platform WhatsApp and Messenger, the AI-assisted or Live Agent dialogue of web or in-app chat, the communal mixer of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or a mixture of old and new.

Through their simplicity, scalability, and platform neutrality, these chat solutions reach more customers with greater speed, greater satisfaction, and enhanced response rates; they do so with an improved deflection to self-service, a seamless transition to surveys, and a natural and generous overlap between service and direct revenue generation.

Chat produces time efficiencies for operations, instant transcripts of interaction histories, an immediate wealth of customer sentiment data, and the sort of channel-switching and automated routing possibilities that together realize a new era of cost-effective, premium-tier support experiences.

Position your customers, agents, and organization to deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow with innso’s seamlessly modular Unified Agent Desktop—built for operations by operations—before the next big shift in expectations.

78% of customers prefer to use different channels and 73% prefer to use different devices depending on where they are and what they are doing” observes CCW’s “Future of
the Contact Center”.

Innso’s approach to chat addresses both needs.

Increase efficiency and satisfaction at every opportunity

Unify conversations by weaving omnichannel interactions into an ongoing conversational stream, integrating with existing company systems, transforming agents into superheroes, and enabling further target-oriented enhancements via modular add-ons.

Achieve conversational KPI goals while lowering cost to serve and controlling contact center volumes by finding a dynamic optimal balance between multitasking efficiency,
personal focus, and essential metrics reflecting customer and agent satisfaction.

Orchestrate an omnichannel ecosystem capable of accomodating multiple customer journeys according to offers, personas, and resource availability. Provide operations with live data via dashboards, and allocate resources according to historical data and anticipated trends.

Leverage the customer satisfaction and public engagement of chat and messaging without losing the organization, efficiency, and target-oriented processes of case-oriented workflow, allowing operations to switch between conversations while remaining on top of tasks and organizational end-goals.

Connect customers, agents, supervisors, and managers across a seamlessly unified, ongoing omnichannel conversation. Create better contextualization for agents, a more personalized
experience for customers, a broader perspective and richer insights for supervisors, and improved cross-sell and upsell opportunities aligning goals and functions..

82% of customers say they are more comfortable than ever using digital channels. They are particularly supportive of messaging, calling it a leading CSAT driver.”

Customer Contact Week November 2020 Market Study – Future of the Contact Center: A Forecast

Expand service, satisfaction, touchpoint coverage and revenue opportunities

Surprise! We love you

Heidi receives an SMS from her coffee brand about a tasting experience, a gift from her partner. Time to take a trip to the store! But first, let’s book the appointment: Heidi follows a link to the scheduling tool.

No-call convenience

A couple of days after scheduling her appointment Heidi realizes that she needs to postpone. She contacts the coffee brand via the same SMS conversation and her appointment is rescheduled in a flash.

A friendly nudge

Once in store, she makes an additional purchase using a coupon received via in-app chat. In this case, a chat bot sent the correct coupon based on purchase and conversational history, eligible products, and pre-defined customer personas.

Realizing intent

Later, she is assisted in an online purchase via popup webchat. Pleased with her coupon-based purchase she buys extras for some close friends, chatting with an AI bot and then a live agent who ensures that the multi-address delivery goes through first time.

Caring about sharing

The social monitoring team sees that Heidi has posted a photo to the company’s Facebook page and notices the positive sentiment it’s attracting. This builds on the feedback she gave in a satisfaction survey automatically triggered at the end of the previous webchat.

Recognizing influence

After viewing her account history, the agent invites Heidi into the influencer ecosystem via Messenger, logging the action as a discrete ticket destined for a dedicated event team.

Drive success with innso’s chat solutions


Operational Efficiency

Double the conversations, same number of agents
Direct Assurance


Global SLA Adherence

Global SLA adherence for all inquiries


Processing Time

Processing time improvement



Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Twitter DM, Live Chat, SMS, Email, Voice, Back-office
BeIN Sports

Direct Assurance

Since 2013, AXA’s direct sales and support subsidiary has been using WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Twitter and SMS as Customer Service contact channels.

It deployed innso in 2017 as part of a transformation program, and in doing so achieved real-time multi-site management, total oversight of KPIs, automatic task distribution, and a dynamic
SLA based on agent response times.

During any one ongoing conversation, customers are routed to the same agent 87% of the time. In 2019, DA became part of InnsoLab; in 2020 it won the prestigious national award, Elu Customer Service of the Year.


Goodyear is one of the largest tire companies in the world, with a half dozen brand name subsidiaries and a significant non-tire business.

In 2018, Goodyear Germany took the decision to expand from B2B into B2C using innso as its omnichannel CRM and live chat solution.

By design, the innso platform is positioned to grow with Goodyear’s continental business and its agile Unified Agent Desktop is here adapted to present role-specific information to agents, site managers, and corporate management structure.

Goodyear’s support team is achieving a 99% SLA over five channels and adding new territories to its European activity.

Orange Business Services

Multinational telco Orange needed an agile omnichannel solution to drive innovation at the enterprise level, unifying and solving multiple business requirements in the process.

Innso proposed a multi-part strategy, including the deployment of a dedicated SMS chat for B2B and B2C customers, increasing reachability and improving CX. It now offers multiple opportunities to interact with the brand according to delivery, sentiment, appointment, and project scope.

Innso helped Orange reduce repeat call rates to less than 73% (one day repeat) and 64% (one week repeat), with 75% of customer issues resolved in under 30 minutes.

beIN Sports

As one of four networks operating in France’s competitive sports TV market, media giant beIN Sports needed to improve the efficiency, reach, and vision of its customer contact division.

Innso’s omnichannel solution allows agents to communicate via voice, SMS, or beIN’s Facebook and Twitter presences. It replaced a broad collection of legacy CRM tools with an all-in-one suite, including a 360° view of the entire customer experience journey.

The solution provides powerful and precise service delivery, and rich, accessible insights covering everything from social network exposure and first contact to invoices, upgrades, and special offers.

Measurable benefits and example KPIs

0 %
Improvement to 1 week FCR
0 %
Improvement to SLA target (4h to 1h30)
Direct Assurance
Associated with the conversational channel Orange

The only operations-centered platform

Ensure continued conversational flow while experiencing cost-to-serve reductions, revenue growth, and reputation enhancement through automatic task assignment, skills prioritization, and powerful back-office efficiencies.

Innso’s modular software platform is born in the heart of the contact center ecosystem, focused on reducing friction across all channels, easing the agent experience, and elevating
your brand’s ongoing relational journey with clients, partners, and consumers.

“The better the employee experience […] the more likely you are to deliver great customer experience — and great CX means customer loyalty, enrichment, and advocacy, and, therefore,
Thomas Husson, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst

A fully integrated platform to unite chat and case management

There are different ways to integrate chat options into customer service activities:

  • Adding a separate chat platform
  • Adding chat to a case management solution

These approches are superposed solutions which can impede either the continuity of conversation or the efficiency of case management – or both.

Innso’s approach

That’s why innso offers an agile conversational platform powered by robust case management that allows to

  • Implement a fully dedicated chat and a comprehensive case management approach
  • Merge human-centric treatment with operational objectives that decision-makers need
  • Blend customer satisfaction and public engagement with the efficiency and target-oriented process of case management
  • Switch between operational perspectives as easily as an agent switches between chats.

Combine conversational freedom and case management structure

Designed for operations, by operations, innso’s feature-rich platform combines seamless multitasking between conversations and the organized, results-driven structure of a case management solution.

Anticipating customer needs through an automated, personal journey

Based on a successful innso implementation, this design demonstrates a continuous conversation between the customer and their agent throughout a home trial,
blending voice calls with accompaniment via webchat and digital channels for an efficient route into personal, premium-tier support.

Seamless, stand-out customer service that unifies cases and conversations

Are you ready to add fully optimized chat to your customer service?

Innso’s modular omnichannel customer service software is the only proven operations-focused solution. Built by operations for operations, and informed by real-world customer service challenges, it simplifies customer service and helps leading organizations across the globe continuously improve their users’ abilities to deliver on CX.

Intuitive ease, intelligent design

Our expertise in solutions design, process mapping, project implementation, client-specific customization, and post-deployment support focuses on creating agile technology that improves the day-to-day experience for customers, employees, and managers.

Innso’s agile chat solution allows agents to manage multichannel conversations efficiently, communicating simultaneously with several customers via a number of messaging and social channels. This allows agents to benefit from access to a full 360° historical view of previous customer conversations, interactions, and cases.

By integrating the customer journey and operation workflow with automations, third-party systems—including knowledge bases, self-service portals, or other CRMs—innso provides users with a single source of truth to access customer information, further increasing quality, reducing effort, and reducing cost to serve.

“Providing seamless customer experience across channels, including web, mobile, apps, voice, and email, has become inevitable for leading players to meet customer expectations and provide personalized experience”

Everest Group: Intelligent Virtual Agents – Technology Vendor Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020

Innso: an agile and efficient chat solution

With chat providing an instant and accessible view of customer conversations, real-time dashboards provide the efficient agent supervision that customer service needs to allocate resources, measure performance, gain insights and optimize live operations.

We increase agent comfort and productivity via an easy-to-use interface that enables engagement on the right channel at the right time, and our platform helps reduce AHT, respect SLAs and manage the activity backlog.

Designed by customer service experts and tested within a CX lab of 100,000 agents, innso is quick to deploy and easy to integrate, but it’s not just our software that’s agile and

We support our clients and their deployments with dedicated teams whose availability and cross-functional expertise allow for the rapidity and precision of response that leading
brands require.

Our solution empowers clients to manage their deployments to meet their unique business needs. At innso we design and scale each implementation with a collaborative understanding of each industry, each organization, and its specific requirements.

Innso is ready to position your customer service organization for the challenges of today and the operational shifts of tomorrow.

>> Téléchargez ce Use Case en PDF