Staying connected and ensuring effective communication with your employees remotely

Any crisis can create confusion and business challenges. What sets COVID-19 apart is that even for those organizations with the most well-oiled and best performing customer experience, many of their agents are confined to their homes at the moment when customer contact volumes are at historical highs.

As such internal communication is becoming a critical challenge. With dispersed teams operating off-site organizations need to be certain that everyone is connected and everyone is on the same page.

To overcome this challenge and continue delivering services at the highest level while running overall business operations remotely, you need to think out of the box.

Helping organizations enhance communication and stay connected with their agents

Innso has already deployed an SMS solution for several customers, as well as for Sitel France, that helps organizations stay connected with their staff via targeted text messaging.

For Sitel France alone, this solution made it simple to reach out to over 6,000 employees across the country and keep them informed. Sent as a personalized notification, the message guided each recipient to a dedicated web portal created to let employees know about health and safety actions being taken by the company, how the crisis is impacting on operations and about work at home solutions. What’s more, in each instance, the web link was personalized to the employee’s position, operations and site location.

Because SMS is universal, compatible with all types of mobile device, and because – unlike say, email – a message is guaranteed to appear as an on-screen notification, even when a smartphone is locked, 93% of messages sent were opened, read and positive reactions were received.

This led CEO of Sitel France, Chloe Beauvallet, to say: “The solution proved to be a great success and the campaign was quick and easy to deploy. We will certainly use it again during this crisis. Our objective is to stay closely connected with our associates and keep them informed of the latest developments in a personalized manner.”

How it works

SMS notifications usually carry a message with a link to personalized web portal that can help employees better understand the situation and deal with day-to-day operations according to their location, service and team.

The process is simple:

  1. Create different messages for your employees on the portal. Each message has a specific URL.
  2. Add your contact database to the innso platform in one click. Type your SMS message and send out a mass communication.
  3. The system automatically identifies the URL to send to each employee according to the defined filtering criteria.

The solution is scalable and enables you to easily update messages on the portal and send out more campaigns. You can also combine SMS campaigns with email, or send a conversational SMS if you wish to open a targeted conversation with each of your associates. Innso’s self-service portals are intuitive. We can track if each employee has successfully received the message and can even ask them to confirm receipt. In addition to displaying information via a FAQ, your employees can contact the company via a form or chatbot for recurring questions. Furthermore, additional conversation channels including Live Chat, WhatsApp or Messenger can also be activated.

“We believe technology can play a significant role in dealing with the current crisis we’re facing said Ana Athayde, General Manager EMEA of innso . “Innso was founded with the conviction that you need exceptional employee (user) experience in order to provide excellent customer experience. This conviction is stronger today more than ever. By offering solutions adapted for the crisis, all of us at innso hope to contribute in a small way to supporting businesses in every possible manner.”

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