Achieving a 95% customer retention rate in retail services sounds like a far-fetched dream. But what if I told you that with the right solution and processes we can help you with all of this?

Smart customer relationship management software can drive success by unifying all client interactions. And as a result, empower your advisors with easily available and contextual information that can be leveraged at the right time and place.

But how is all this information relevant to retaining retail customers? First, let’s take a look at what can happen in a retail store that doesn’t use a customer service platform.

The anatomy of a bad review – what happens behind the scenes

Beth loves baking and her birthday is on Saturday. She wants to celebrate by sharing a home-made cake with loved ones.

However, when she goes to the store and approaches the dairy section, she gets a whiff of a bad smell.

There are broken eggs on the floor, and she can’t even get close to the egg aisle. It’s too slippery.

Beth looks around and realizes there are no employees nearby.

Nobody else notices the sticky situation, but Beth is determined to take some eggs home with her, so she decides to ask for some help.

After she has a conversation with an employee, she’s forced to wait 10 minutes for the janitor to arrive. Then she has to wait another five minutes for the janitor to finish cleaning the floor.

In the end, Beth waited 15 minutes just to grab 12 eggs. What a drag!

So what does she do?

As Beth leaves the store frustrated, Google pings her and asks her to rate her in-store experience. She gives the store a two-star Google review, detailing how nauseating the floor smelled, how she waited 15 minutes to get it cleaned, and how nobody noticed the smell until she brought it up.

In fact, Beth is so annoyed she calls the customer service center to file an official complaint. It takes her 10 minutes to get through to somebody and when she finally does, she realizes that the store hasn’t communicated the issue, so she has to explain the story yet again. At the end of the call, they offer her a store discount, for a store that she doesn’t really want to visit again.

All in all, it wasn’t a great experience for her, and now the company‘s image will take another hit. She is so annoyed she tweets about how she should not be treated this way on her birthday!

How a smart customer service platform turns a bad situation into an opportunity to increase brand loyalty

In a world where customer expectations are at their highest and users are encouraged to share their opinions about everything, having a customer service platform is crucial to business survival. But what does any of this have to do with Beth’s story; and could a software application really help solve this unfortunate situation? Let’s see how that would look…

Beth enters the store. She finds the eggs on the floor and calls an employee who sends the janitor to clean it up. As she is waiting, the employee stays with her and casually asks for her information. Using the customer service platform on his mobile device the employee finds Beth’s profile which identifies various information such as her buyer behavior, likes, dislikes, age, gender, location, etc. The employee sees that it’s her birthday so he congratulates her with a small gift. The application shows Beth loves baking, so he gives her a packet of fondant icing for her birthday cake. Right on time! Suddenly Beth is feeling less angry and time seems to be passing by faster as she waits for her eggs.

While Beth is swooning over her new icing, the employee also notes the issue on her account which triggers an event to the contact center. The agent at the contact center examines Beth’s information and notices that she’s a VIP customer who loves baking.

Fast forward to the check-out. Beth receives a call from the customer service agent thanking her for reporting the incident and keeping the store safe. To show their appreciation, they would like to give her an amazing discount on a quality hand mixer. The agent immediately emails the digital coupon to Beth so that she can use it right away.

Guess what happens next?

She happily goes on Google to leave a positive review and ends up telling all of her friends about how the store made her feel special on her birthday!

Beth drives out of the store parking lot in a great mood and has even forgotten all about the eggs on the floor!

Why a smart customer service platform is ‘Do or Die’

As people become more and more interconnected, companies that don’t meet their customers’ expectations and let bad reviews pile up are not going to be left with egg on their faces, they’re going to disappear.

A smart customer service platform with connected data from different applications such as your CRM can enhance each customer experience. Plus, your employees can tap into customer profiles, add more information when needed, and use all of this data in times of great need, to avoid bad reviews or negative buzz about your business.

Without knowing anything beforehand about the client, giving a small gift is like playing the lottery. Few people appreciate a branded keychain or a pen. They would rather receive something that makes them feel special.

But when you know what each client likes, you take the experience to another level. And studies show that it’s up to five times cheaper to retain a customer than gain a new one. Plus, positive reviews on Google and social networks will encourage others to visit your business without spending a cent on ads to attract new clients – call that a true marketing paradise!