Of all the industries adapting to rapid change over the last year, perhaps most prominent has been the Retail sector. Its swift adjustment to digital, at-distance, and hybridized business models is a rapid acceleration of existing trends. These trends had been established by a decade’s worth of the Amazon Effect alongside an increasingly influential social media ecosystem. 

What happens when consumers’ digital expectations accelerate again? Can your existing solution meet these demands? Does it have the elasticity to stretch to your changing business needs? 

Today we’re making innso’s Retail Use Case available to download. Retail, customer service, and revenue generation are overlapping more and more; this is a snapshot of our agile platform’s ability to solve challenges and provide solutions to these real, immediate, and fast-emerging needs. 

How Covid-19 impacts consumer expectations and retailer response

Now that we’ve witnessed even the most storied retailers devising, developing and deploying CX solutions in a matter of weeks that, in normal circumstances, would have taken years to implement, consumers know that brands can provide them with a far more complete retail journey, regardless of channel selection.

Voice, chat, SMS, email, social media, intelligent self-service and a free flow of customer data from touchpoint to touchpoint: Omnichannel is no longer the exception, it is the rule of delivering customer experience. 

The only way to play by these rules–no matter how the game changes–is with a platform that drives service efficiency and boosts customer engagement.  

It should join all the dots between touchpoints and between customers, contact centers and business operations. 

What to look for in innso’s omnichannel contact center platform 

Built from the ground up from our uniquely operations-focused position within leading contact center group Sitel, the innso platform aligns with customer expectations and manages workload volumes. It’s a crucial ingredient in delivering the quality of CX that boosts your brand and your bottom line, no matter what comes your way. 

As a seamlessly modular Unified Agent Desktop, innso is also capable of connecting consumers, store staff, contact center agents, management, and partners, driving efficiency at every step of the customer journey. 

Inside our Retail Use Case, you’ll find an overview of innso’s proven ability to unite multiple contact channels, enhance the customer and employee experience, and unlock efficiencies across your operation. 

Download the innso Retail Use Case

Improve the day-to-day experience and end-to-end customer journey

You’ll see that innso lowers cost to serve, hastens the fulfillment of SLAs and KPIs, and becomes a powerful lever that turns customer service into a source of recurring revenue.

And you’ll receive an outline of our work with several major clients from across the retail spectrum. There’s home improvement multinational Kingfisher, direct sales organization Vorwerk, tire manufacturer Goodyear, and the sales and service arm of premier automobile manufacturer Renault.

Agility in brick and mortar, online stores, and on the contact center floor 

Truly flexible customization, intelligent use of automation, and a range of conversational channels to choose from ensure that your innso deployment meets immediate business demands and positions your CSO for further growth and adaptation. What’s more, you’ll be fully supported by our extensive pre- and post-launch experience and expertise.

Innso’s modular architecture means that it can integrate with your existing systems to bring agility and solve operational challenges with automation, digitization, and optimization.

But don’t stop there. As innso covers everything from customer, staff, and store profiles, from voice, SMS and email, to fully conversational text communication, intelligently automated workflows, and fluid back-office management to dashboards, knowledge bases, and customer surveys it can be the backbone of your CSO business. It’s a truly omnichannel desktop with a unified 360° customer view and end-to-end accompaniment for shoppers, agents, managers and executives.

Find out how innso boosts retail operations 

To receive the innso Retail Use Case, visit its home here on innso.com and enter your details for a direct download of the 10-page PDF.