Innso, a leader in next-generation omnichannel customer experience software and Sitel Group’s software experts, today announced that it was expanding operations into the U.S. and Canada. In preparation for the launch, Nicolas Raffin, innso’s founder and CEO, has moved to Miami, Florida, and appointed James Lee, Formerly Head of Digital Strategy at TSC Americas, as VP of Solutions & Strategy for innso North America. A strong US-based delivery team is being gathered to deliver implementation services for the N.A. market in collaboration with innso’s existing product engineers, professional services, and marketing teams.

“James brings almost two decades’ experience in executive consulting and contact center management experience with hands-on global delivery credentials for implementing large scale onsite/offshore IT and BPO delivery centers,” says Raffin. “We’re thrilled to have James on board to leverage his international experience and lead our go-to-market strategy and drive innso’s growth in the North American market.”

“Innso brings with it a unique value proposition for our industry,” adds Lee. “Consumer frustration and employee attrition in the call center industry is huge. Innso addresses that problem with an agile, optimized customer experience platform that’s built by operations for operations. It delivers a consistent and seamless omnichannel customer experience that results in satisfied customers and happy agents.”

An automated, omnichannel platform with a difference

“Innso incorporates technology upon which the future of our industry will be based,” continues Lee boldly. “Any organization serious about using digital transformation to capture and retain customers, needs to pay attention to what happens along every step of the customer journey. Innso is the technology platform that’s going to lead the way.”

As its name suggests, innso is “innovation made simple.” Providing omnichannel communications supporting each customer’s preferred channels, innso unifies data from disparate systems to provide agents with a complete, 360° view of their customers based on a single information source. With real-time customer insights available for improved business decision making, innso leverages intelligent automation to predict customer behavior, orchestrate content delivery, and respond appropriately to each interaction throughout the customer journey, including skills-based routing.

“Our unique understanding of behind-the-scenes operations is behind our phenomenal growth,” explains Raffin. “We started in 2014 with nothing and five years later have a team of 60 employees, over 20,000 licensed users, and an established footprint in the banking, financial services, media, retail, and travel and hospitality sectors. That’s directly attributable to innso’s being conceived in the contact center environment, mirroring how customers and agents interact and creating solutions for real-world.”

Breaking into a crowded market

According to Forbes, CRM is the largest and fastest growing enterprise software category and dominated by a handful of big players who control approximately 40% of the market. Worldwide spend on customer experience and relationship management software is growing at over 15% annually and estimated to reach US$81.9 billion by 2025. Competition is stiff, but with 60% of the market shared by hundreds of smaller players, North America represents a massive opportunity for innso.

“Our challenge will be creating awareness of our differentiation,” says Lee. “As a software company with a powerful value proposition, we have to be spot on with our branding, positioning, and communication.”

Founded in France before becoming an international company incubated by Sitel Group and gaining access to what Raffin calls a “huge open laboratory,” innso has access to Sitel’s North American sales network and customer base. Access to Sitel knowledge provides innso with crucial insights as to the unique ways North American organizations interact with CRM and CX software.

“While CRM and practices are common across markets, countries have culturally specific approaches that need to be considered,” explains Raffin. “Expanding a business internationally requires access to local expertise. We’re fortunate to be able to tap in to and leverage Sitel’s knowledge of the market and how best to reach it with our unique capabilities and speed-to-market value proposition.”

Just the beginning

“The most important thing for a software company is to stay relevant to the target market,” says Lee. “It doesn’t matter that innso was founded in France. We need to have a product with capabilities that address real challenges and opportunities here in North America. And if it’s lacking in one area or another, we need to be agile enough to change the way we’re doing things.”

Innso’s embedded culture of listening to and co-creating product road maps with their customers stands them in good stead. Until now, every feature of every innso module has been conceived while with end users—whether agents, managers, or in-store customer assistants.

“Every feature and function in every module is useful,” Raffin points out. “There’s no waste. We follow the client journey and don’t waste time developing features just because we can. We build what our customers need and discard anything that isn’t useful.”

That’s why innso has started developing additional front-office functionalities to complement its already proven back-office capabilities, including building on its existing conversational messaging platform. In addition to optimizing omnichannel interactions across both social and traditional channels, innso is developing processes to simplify sharing files of any format within live chat.

“Consumer behavior is changing all the time,” says Raffin. “Based on the latest trends, we’re prioritizing social media channels as a fundamental part of delivering a unified CX. But tomorrow will bring new technologies and new challenges. The only way for us to maintain relevance is for us to remain agile and never lose sight of the bigger picture. We’re small enough and agile enough to do that. That’s why I’m convinced we’ll succeed in the North American market.”

About innso
Innso exists to simplify the use of technology in customer relationship management. We propose a new way of delivering an omnichannel platform, one built by operations for operations to ensure an agile, optimized customer experience (CX). Our innovative approach, informed by real-world customer service challenges, continuously improves users’ abilities to deliver on CX.  

Innso provides users with a 360° view of their customers, unifies often disparate systems to provide a single information source, leverages intelligent automation and can be employed to actively manage customer satisfaction and quality control. Innso also provides real-time customer insights for driving business decision making.

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