So this is our New Brand Design! We’ve spent a good few months getting it just right, but sure, in many ways it’s No Big Deal – because we’re only doing what we’ve always done, something that could be right up your street. Here’s why:

We’re the same people with the same values, people who prize human-centric processes, human-centric tech, and human-centric design.

That’s why we’ve populated our new site with photo portraits. As a software company in the contact center industry, we’re all about individual and collective connections—we’re all about people helping people.

The customer experience and employee experience are profoundly related. By elevating employees and the toolsets available to them, we allow contact center staff to focus on what truly matters: the ongoing customer relationship.

Speaking of employees, our own headcount has grown from around 30 to 80 over the last two years. We’re not only scaling our image but scaling our product as well.

“As the company behind the only operations-focused Unified Agent Desktop, innso is focused on agility, on ease and speed of adaptation, and on positioning for efficiency and growth – for our clients, for their customers, and as a platform in and of itself.”
Raoul Roy, innso’s Head of Marketing

Notes and Accents

That focus on the agility, growth, and the human experience is why we’ve gone for a simple, clean, relevant and up-to-date modular design to reflects our approach to company structure and software architecture: our contact center platform can be the foundation of an entire operation, a hugely essential add-on function and, thanks to its API-friendly DNA, the connective tissue that gets separate software tools talking for the benefit of back-office staff, contact center agents, and customers.

Our agility means that we’re ready for rapid adaptation, providing stability, relevance and anticipatory response while cultural expectations and technological capabilities shift and advance around the contact center industry – and it’s an approach that served our staff and partners well in pandemic and lockdown conditions, if you’ll allow us to say so ourselves!

We’re also taking this opportunity to reflect our interest in simplicity of messaging and simplicity of design. We do the work to make complex situations completely manageable for our partners, clients, and their employees and customers.

We’re poised for a phase of fast, planned growth in 2021 and beyond, and want our public facing website to be ready for that: there’ll be many a new platform feature, new client agreement, event, client testimonial, and staff member to unveil in the months to come.

From Foundation to Finishing Touch

It’s always a good time for a makeover, isn’t it? This is a great time for us and, if we’re talking customer and employee experience, it could be the right time for you to increase ease, achieve new levels of efficiency, encourage lasting relationships, and lower cost to serve both short and long term.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to find out how our seamless Unified Agent Desktop can bring unparalleled ease to your customer and employee interactions, how our experienced experts match platform and module capabilities to your precise requirements and future plans, how our industrious dev and product teams keep building powerful new parts for our contact center engine, and how our leadership sees 2021 panning out in Europe, the Americas, and around the world.

(And if you’d like to work with us as part of the expanding innso team, keep an eye on our vacancies at Welcome to the Jungle!)