We’re grateful for the opportunities we’ve had, proud of what we’ve achieved, and looking forward to building an even better employee and customer experience in 2021 and beyond. 

Like many of our partners, clients, and perhaps much like you, we could not have predicted some of the challenges we faced and overcame together in 2020.

What we found was that innso’s agility, adaptability, and reliability both as a contact center platform and a company combined with our deep sense of responsibility and collaboration, becoming key to overcoming the obstacles that tumbled in the wake of the coronavirus.

In other words, we are able to quickly adopt new structures and adapt to new conditions to maintain growth and partner support in a constantly shifting environment. That’s thanks to the inherent agility of both our platform and our company as a whole.

That agility, and our genuine belief in human potential, is what enabled our software and our teams to achieve so much in 2020.

With a few adjustments, we not only served existing clients  even as their needs constantly changed but also considerably expanded our business. It was a real test of our approach, but we won more international logos, and continued adding and developing new features for the innso platform. True to form, we had a lot of fun along the way!

We are winning new clients because we are bringing new features, new models, new innovations to them and to the contact center industry.“
Ana Athayde, innso General Manager, EMEA 

Client Success 

Enthusiastic client testimony from partners such as Lexmark demonstrated our ability to please agents and managers with appealing, intuitive software and post-launch customizations that stick to time and resource budgets.

Expansion within existing client organizations, such as that of telecommunications giant Orange, showed how our platform’s agility, flexibility, efficiency and dependability is winning over decision-makers. They see innso supporting and connecting their colleagues‘ workflows and want the same for their teams and operations.

And, as 2020 becomes 2021, we continue our commitment to the nuanced, rigorous post-deployment support our clients have come to expect. That is perhaps best illustrated through our live support of one of the world’s leading high-performance automobile manufacturers. As well as having contact center operations that span multiple European and Middle Eastern territories, this marque’s customers have the highest expectations regarding CX.

Innso in 2021

Thanks to our modular, robust, and highly configurable Unified Agent Desktop with insightful solutions mapping expertise and an unfaltering, intelligent approach to live support and development  we continue to meet client and customer expectations.

We have an international and experienced team whose know-how makes an enormous difference, especially when it comes to adapting technology to a specific customer journey and building the best customer service available.
Our vision is to solve pain points in customer service centers by providing the best and most efficient software platform for Customer Engagement.“
Nicolas Raffin, innso Founder and CEO

The end result is a better employee experience for agents, greater efficiency and knowledge for the entire contact center operation, and measurably increased satisfaction for your customers.

Our own year-on-year revenue grew 65% in 2020. As well as numerous general and client-specific platform improvements, we doubled our headcount, adding to staff teams across the board R&D, Product, Professional Services, and Business. Our new Head of Sales Europe is among the first of our 2021 hires.

„Why innso? Because it’s a human-centric company with state-of-the-art technology, driven by visionary leaders, and with a growth plan that’s both ambitious and realistic.“
Geoffroy D’Aligny, Head of Sales Europe

2021 and Beyond

This coming year, we’re planning on another typically ambitious period of sustained and sustainable expansion, and we can’t wait to tell you more about it.

In short, we’re going to continue accompanying our existing clients with the friendly support they’ve come to trust and rely on. We’ll continue winning new business thanks to our resourceful sales, solutions and customer success teams, our industrious product and development teams, and a creative and human-centric approach to platform evolution.

On the recruitment side, we’re continuing on a similar trajectory, adding to our numbers in every department, and expanding our business in a very tangible manner on a global scale.

To find out more about our 2021 plans and how they could increase the ease and efficiency of your CX operations and cut the time to ROI, get in touch today.