As channels multiply, businesses and customers lose the flow of their conversation. A customer only has to contact the wrong service, not use the right channel or need a response to another request, and he gets forwarded to another agent and ends up having to repeat what he has just said. Despite a siloed organisation and processes rarely designed in favour of the customer, solutions do exist for companies who want to keep the conversation flow with their customers.

In the third edition of its report “State of the Connected Customer”, Salesforce states that 59% of consumers have the general impression of communicating with different services instead of one sole company. At a time when we are surrounded by talk of seamless customer experience and unified conversation, in reality it is anything but.

Consumers continue to use several different channels to seek information or a resolution to their problem. And often, for one sole request, they find themselves having to go back to the beginning again as they haven’t received a satisfactory response from their first contact. Worse, they have to prove their identity, provide their customer information and the history of their journey at each interaction with a company. Obviously, this is not acceptable to them. According to the latest customer service study (Observatoire des Services Clients BVA – ESCDA 2019), for 44% of consumers, repeating the question several times or to several people in order to make themselves understood impacts negatively on their experience. Furthermore, 39% don’t appreciate being transferred, having to contact another service or use another channel.

A conversation-focused organisation

However, brands know this: they have to put the customer at the centre and not give the impression that their organization is more important. One of the recurring problems is rooted in the organization and processes put in place. By multiplying channels, brands only add to the complexity of customer interactions. Platforms for customer management and engagement are currently not able to deliver a fluid and seamless experience.

The cause: a siloed organization. Each service functions individually and certain channels are managed independently from each other. Social media is often shared between communication, marketing and customer relations. It is therefore time to change the organisation, to unify client data, conversation and indicators, to enable conversation to become a priority and to ensure your customers can have a continuous conversation.

Unify the conversation whatever the channel and tools

At the heart of the innso’s team, we have found the solution. Whoever is in charge of the customer – front- and back-office agents, community managers, technicians, salespeople in the field, etc. – we have developed a solution to unify the conversation regardless of the channel.

From one single interface, all the interactions are combined and unified. This enables a continuous and seamless conversation with the customer. Innso integrates twenty different contact channels: live chat, social media, email, telephone, instant messaging, etc. With the new conversational module Engage, the platform brings together all the monitoring and measuring tools: AHT, end-to-end management KPIs, feedback, SLA control, customer and agent effort, etc.

Increase productivity and reduce repetition

Innso Engage removes the constraints encountered by companies to support a unified conversation with your customers, while optimizing productivity. By mastering the art of seamless conversation with your customers, you gain in efficiency and reduce repetition.

This is what we have already succeeded in doing with one of our clients. A leading French insurance company, with 40 agents working on social media, chat and WhatsApp, was having difficulty managing its SLAs and workforce management. By using the innso Engage platform, it has reduced repetition by 30% due to better visibility of SLAs.

Mastering the art of seamless omnichannel conversation is a real challenge, which is not easy for companies who are forced to reorganize. With innso Engage, we help optimize and create a unified conversation.