Cooperation and coordination between the front-office and back-office—representing two distinct but essential facets of a company—is often taken for granted. While the front-office is the “face” of the company responsible for managing brand perception, the back-office is the engine room, looking after the internal functions of the organization. Implemented at different levels and coordinated across multiple administrative and operational sectors, the back-office determines the strategies necessary to keep the business running.

Both front- and back-office employees are experts in what they do, but they don’t always “speak” the same language or have the same priorities. The front-office focuses on driving new business and celebrating success. The back-office is the glue holding everything together. And while working in the back-office may not be viewed as the most glamorous job, it plays a vital role in ensuring an end-to-end customer experience (CX).

Driving businesses to improve cross-functional collaboration, digital transformation initiatives eliminate obstacles to creating a seamless customer journey based on consumer expectations. However, closing the gap presents a challenge for most organizations. Operating disparate systems in silos, legacy platforms are generally manual and inefficient, often resulting in discrepancies and creating bottlenecks leading to inconsistent customer experiences. Also, managers often have limited visibility into customer outcomes, with access to only the specific portion of the task or process under their oversight.

Integrating the back-office with customer service

Digitally-enabled companies refuse to be limited to monitoring and managing back-office efficiencies. Focused on balancing efficiency with customer-centricity to drive desired CX improvements, they’re deploying automated, digital tools to align business departments, reduce manual overhead, and deliver seamless customer experiences across multiple channels.

Optimizing automation, orchestration, and workflows allow businesses to take full control of end-to-end operations, eliminating disparate silos and reducing operational and transactional costs. Unifying case management and reporting capabilities reduce agent effort and customer service response time, leading to increased customer satisfaction. From a management perspective, having the right tools in place provides greater visibility with real-time insight into operations and performance against service-level targets.

Choosing the right strategy underpinned by an integrated, customer-centric platform improves ROI and makes it easy to demonstrate the business value delivered. This proved true in the case of Orange, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators with over 149,000 employees and more than 264 million customers worldwide, including 204 million mobile customers.

Executing a customer-centric strategy

In 2015, Orange adopted a “customer first” strategy leveraging the power of their new-generation networks to help consumers fully benefit from the digital universe. Driving innovation at the enterprise level, Orange looked for an integrated, omnichannel customer service platform. The goal was to role out a single solution spanning the entire organization, eliminating silos, and ensuring a seamless CX irrespective of touchpoint.

One of the key objectives was to transform Orange’s back-office operations, consolidating workflows at a national level, and integrating them with internal customer support processes. Realizing this goal required the software solution to integrate with six different Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions and three Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers. A critical capability required was that customer cases be automatically routed in real-time using advanced distribution rules based on each agent’s experience, skillset, and availability. 

Choosing the right partner to execute the strategy

Following a rigorous review process, Orange deployed innso’s unified, omnichannel platform in a phased approach for rapid adoption by customer service representatives. Over nine months, the platform was integrated with the different CRMs and BPO providers and made available to seven hundred agents working out of different contact centers.

Armed with a 360° view of each customer, the automatic distribution of tasks, and visibility into the organization’s entire back-log, agent productivity increased across all sites and teams by over 30% within weeks of implementation. Real-time monitoring of open and closed customer conversations and requests by country, service, and manager, enabled Orange to reduce their SLA response by more than 50%. And the unified, customizable dashboard—providing a comprehensive, global view of all critical indicators—gives management increased confidence in their ability to steer operations.

Empowering people and securing the future of back-office

“We were looking for a solution to unify and orchestrate all our activity and operations across different Information Systems and BPO providers. The solution needed to be capable of tracking all events and interactions with our customers. We found that innso was the ideal platform for this… What we liked the most about platform is its simplicity and its reliability. With over 700 agents and between 40,000 to 50,000 tickets per month we’ve never had any issues or downtime.”

– Jean François Oberhauser, Customer Service Manager, Orange

With case management and back-office operations optimized, Orange reduced their BPO providers from three to two, while handling the same number of requests. And with a single tool deployed throughout Orange, it’s easy to onboard new agents and get them up to speed irrespective of their location.

Are you ready to reimagine your back-office? Continually innovating, innso is leveraging the power of intelligent automation to drive sustainable growth and profitability. With a 360° view of each customer and omnichannel enablement, we’re helping companies increase engagement and customer loyalty by becoming more efficient, more competitive, and more relevant.

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