Innso, a next-generation omnichannel customer experience software publisher and Sitel Group tech spin-off, has announced the expansion of its activities in the United States and Canada. Ahead of the launch, Nicolas Raffin, founder and CEO of innso, moved to Miami, Florida, and appointed James Lee, former head of digital strategy at TSC Americas, as vice president of solutions and strategies for innso North America. A US-based project delivery team is being assembled to provide implementation services for the US market in conjunction with existing innso product engineers, professional services and marketing teams.

“James brings nearly twenty years of experience as a consultant at the executive level and in contact center management, with practical experience in providing international services for the large-scale implementation of IT service centers. and BPO, whether on site or abroad, ”explains Raffin. “We are delighted to have him here to use his international experience to lead our go-to-market
strategy and drive innso’s growth in the North American market. “

“Innso has a unique value proposition within our industry,” says Lee. “Consumer frustration and the employee turnover rate in the Customer Relationship business are considerable. Innso solves this problem through an agile and optimized customer experience platform, designed by operational staff for operational staff. It provides a consistent and transparent omnichannel customer experience that results in satisfied customers and successful advisors in their work. “

An automated, omnichannel platform like no other

“Innso is built on technology that will define the future of our business,” says Lee. “Any organization that wants to use digital transformation to capture and retain customers must pay attention to everything that happens at every stage of the customer journey. Innso is the technological platform that leads the way. “

As its name suggests, innso advocates “innovation made easy”. Facilitating omnichannel communication across all of the user’s preferred channels, innso combines all data from disparate systems to provide advisors with a unified, consistent, 360 ° view of their clients through a single source of information. By improving decision-making with real-time customer data, innso uses intelligent automation to predict customer behavior, orchestrate content delivery, and respond in a meaningful way to every interaction throughout the customer journey to through targeted distribution to the right skills.

“Our in-depth understanding of all the behind-the-scenes operations of this profession is the source of our impressive growth,” underlines Nicolas Raffin. “We started in 2014 with nothing and now, five years later, we have a team of 60 employees, over 20,000 users and a solid foundation in banking, financial services, media, retail, travel and tourism. This is directly related to the fact that innso was developed at the very heart of the contact center ecosystem, to reflect the way clients and advisors interact to create solutions that work for the real world. “

Enter a market where there is already a crowd

According to Forbes, CRM is THE most important and extraordinarily fast growing business software category, dominated by a handful of big players controlling around 40% of the market. Global spending on customer experience and CRM software is growing by more than 15% per year and is expected to reach $ 81.9 billion by 2025. Competition is certainly tough, but with 60% of the market shared between hundreds of small players, the United States represents a massive opportunity for innso.

“It’s up to us to show how we’re different,” says Lee. “As a software publisher with a powerful value proposition, we have to live up to our brand image, our positioning and our communication. “

Founded in France before becoming an international company incubated by Sitel Group and accessing what Raffin calls a “huge open laboratory”, innso has access to Sitel’s commercial network and North American customers. Through Sitel’s knowledge base, innso has critical insights into the unique way North American organizations interact with CRM and CX software.

“Although CRM and practices are common to all markets, countries have culturally specific approaches that must be taken into account,” explains Raffin. “Expanding a business internationally requires access to local expertise. We can learn from Sitel’s market knowledge to understand how to penetrate it, in particular thanks to our unique capabilities and our agility which promotes a very fast time-to-market. “

This is just the beginning…

„What makes a software publisher strong is their continued relevance to the target market,“ says Lee. “It doesn’t matter that innso is French. We are developing a product with the ability to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities that present themselves here in the US. And if there is a gap to be filled in one area or another, we have the agility to do it quickly and well. “

Listening and co-creating roadmaps with customers are rooted in the culture of the company. Every feature of every innso module has been designed with the end users in mind, whether they are online advisors, platform managers or in-store advisors.

„Each characteristic and each function of each module has a well-defined utility“, emphasizes Raffin. “There is nothing superfluous. We follow the customer journey and don’t waste time developing features that don’t help: we build what our customers need and eliminate anything that doesn’t turn out to be useful. “

This is why innso has started to develop additional front-office functionalities to complement its already confirmed back-office capabilities, notably by building on its existing conversational messaging platform. In addition to optimizing omnichannel interactions on social and traditional channels, innso is developing processes to simplify sharing any file – regardless of format – via chat.

“Consumer behavior continues to change,” notes Raffin. “Based on current trends, we are prioritizing conversational channels to unify our CX. But tomorrow will be full of new technologies and new challenges. What matters to maintain our relevance is to remain agile without losing sight of the global and long-term vision. We are small enough and therefore agile enough to be able to do this. That is why I am confident that we will be successful in the North American market. “

About innso

Innso was designed with the ambition to simplify the use of technology in customer relationship management. We offer a new vision of the omnichannel platform, developed by professionals in the business for professionals in the business in order to ensure an agile and optimized customer experience (CX). Our innovative approach, informed by feedback from the field, continually improves the ability of our clients to create a CX aligned with the uses of clients but also of advisers.

Innso gives advisors a 360 ° view of their customers, streamlining data from disparate systems to provide a single, consistent source of information, leveraging intelligent automation and enabling proactive customer satisfaction and control management quality. Innso also provides real-time customer data to optimize decision-making and marketing and sales strategy.

A Sitel Group company