Now, more than ever, increasing engagement and enhancing the customer experience requires that brands adopt the channels customers use throughout the day to communicate with colleagues, friends, and family. These include Instagram, Messenger, Twitter, and WhatsApp. And as more people engage in online transactions instead of instore visits, adapting to consumer trends is a competitive advantage.  

That’s why we developed a unified conversational platform enabling you to close the gap to your customers, connecting via their preferred channels. This innovation allows your agents to engage across all conversational channels within the context of a 360° customer view. It transforms transactional supplier/customer relationships into mutually beneficial relationships where loyalty builds, and businesses thrive. 

Introducing innso Engage! 

Our conversational messaging platform, innso Engage, enables omnichannel to be genuinely omnipresent. It allows you to engage in a continuous conversationswitch between channels—including messaging—with a single click, maintain visibility along every step of the customer journey, and keep track of how your agents perform against service level agreements 

In addition to traditional email, phone, and trouble ticketing channels, innso Engage adds Chat, Facebook, Messenger, SMS, WhatsApp, and Twitter to the mix. It enables your customers to use their preferred channel to start the conversation and switch whenever they want without interrupting the communication flow. They can contact you via email, call to add information, send a message via WhatsApp, or tweet to request additional info—all within a single conversation seamlessly monitored and managed by innso Engage. 

Creating a Seamless Agent Experience 

The magic lies in the console—a window into every customer interaction across all channels. On the left are all conversations assigned to the agent. Agents can quickly switch from one conversation to another. Clicking on a new conversation opens a 360°view of that customer’s data, including conversation history, engagement channels, open inquiries, and other essential information. 

A simpleintuitive screen appears in the center, allowing agents to interact with the customer using the current channel chosen, share multimedia, and quickly reply with canned responses. Across the top, you have channel options, workflow management and contact center metrics such as average handle time (AHT), and SLA alerts. 

Taking Customer Service to the Next Level  

Integrating all conversational channels into oneseamless platform offers significant advantages for customers, agents, and management. Increasing agent productivity and customer satisfaction, these benefits include: 

  • Instant access to a comprehensive, 360°view of the client at all times across all channels 
  • Visibility into all previous events, interactions, and requests, including customer feedback  
  • The ability to transfer, put on hold, add comments, qualify sentiment, and prioritize each conversation 
  • An up-to-date view of backlog, AHT, and SLAs 

Fast, personal, and easy to use, messaging takes customer service to the next level. It allows agents to be more effective while interacting with customers, increasing brand loyalty while never losing sight of the big picture or straying from defined contact KPIs. 

Winning Elected customer service of the year 2020 award with innso Engage 

Supporting over one million customers, Direct Assurance is Frances leading direct car insurer with a broad range of products. Handling over 365,000 emails and 2.6 million calls each yearthe customer service department was eager to find new ways to serve their customers, implementing innso Engage in just three months. It enabled them to apply customer relationship management (CRM) best practices to social networks and messaging channels while providing agents and managers with increased transparency for quickly dealing with “real problems.”  

As a robust platform matching their operational model for CRM, innso Engage provided the agility and operational efficiency Direct Assurance was looking for while saving on development costs. Deployed across multiple sites and teams, innso’s conversational messaging platform has improved productivity by over 35%, more than doubling the number of conversations handled without increasing the number of agents. 

The platform has also enabled Direct Assurance to reduce their SLAs from four hours to just one and a half, while allowing agents to follow up with 87% of their customers and significantly increasing customer satisfaction. Managers also enjoyed having the flexibility to dispatch requests based on lines of business, keep track of agent productivity, and create dynamic SLAs for continuous service improvements.  

Deploying innso Engage helped Direct Assurance achieve the honor of being awarded the coveted “Élu Service Client de l’Année®” (Voted Customer Service othe Year) for 2020 in the Property Insurance category. 

Looking to the future

The role of conversational messaging in customer service is critical to the success of every business. Customers don’t want to wait for the phone to be answered, an email replied to, or a chatbot to come online. While these channels play an essential role in customer service, the future is messaging. Whether 5 or 95 year’s old, people use messaging as their primary form of contact in almost every market across the globe.  

At innso, we’re enabling businesses by providing an integrating messaging and social media into their customer service platform. It’s what customers want. It’s what businesses need. And innso has delivered.” – Lucile DenoeudHead of Product, innso 

Are you ready to embrace conversational messaging and take your customer experience to the next level? 

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Listen to Direct Assurance’s Client Testimonal

Client Testimonial – Direct Assurance (AXA) from innso on Vimeo.