Deliver a seamless customer experience
that drives brand loyalty and advocacy

From contact centers to onsite help and from self-service portals to agent-level interactions,
innso’s platform helps you deliver quick and efficient service.

Why innso

Born in the heart of the ecosystem of contact centers, innso’s software is co-created with on-site professionals.

Innso offers an integrated approach to service enabling your agents to interact with customers
across a combination of touch points and provide consistent experiences.

“Innso is a turnkey solution: it was delivered with the expected specificities we asked and within two months.
Innso is an innovative and reliable partner who allowed us to win the Customer Service of The Year award..”
Ludovic Beaudoux, Customer Relationship Director, Edenred

Innovation made simple

Innso brings its 20,000 satisfied users technology that’s agile,
innovative and easy to implement

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