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Mastering the art of seamless omnichannel conversation

As channels multiply, businesses and customers lose the flow of their conversation. A customer only has to contact the wrong service, not use the right channel or need a response [...]

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Innso’s truly omnichannel customer experience software comes to North America

Innso, a leader in next-generation omnichannel customer experience software and Sitel Group’s software experts, today announced that it was expanding operations into the U.S. and Canada. In preparation for the [...]

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Innso Day 2019 – Demystifying the use of new technology in customer service

Over 70 Customer Relationship Management leaders and Tech-intensive industry experts gathered in Paris on September 19th for the second annual Innso Day. The agenda was clear. Demystify new technologies. Debunk [...]

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3 software capabilities you need to deliver a holistic customer experience

At one time, brands use to compete on product and price. That approach no longer works. Creating differentiation requires that companies reach beyond what the customer sees. Customer-centric care [...]

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How Service Retailers Can Connect With Customers at Every Stage of Their Journey

Getting service retailing right is more important than ever. In the post-Amazon world, people expect near simultaneous purchase and delivery. How much more do they expect from retailers (or [...]

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How to retain more customers in retail and get free word of mouth

Achieving a 95% customer retention rate in retail services sounds like a far-fetched dream. But what if I told you that with the right solution and processes we can [...]

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