2018 Year in Review

Before we start the New Year (already!), let's take a moment to look back at the best of 2018. It was a year of new projects and new deployments, [...]

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Innso Day: An invitation to innovate

La première édition du « Innso Day » a été l’occasion de présenter l’ambition et les orientations futures de innso- une ambition largement inspirée par les attentes et les [...]

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Innso Day in Paris

"There is always a first time... » And for innso, it was a first time! Innso Day was an opportunity to exclusively share the 2019 roadmap and to test [...]

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SMS is not dead!

SMS is not "dead". While instant messaging and social networks are in vogue, SMS remains timeless and confirms more than ever its added value for digital marketing and customer [...]

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