Professionalize the relationship with stores

In the DIY sector, the need to come to the store to test or compare tools is still omnipresent, despite the rise of digital technology. The brands must adapt to best satisfy the omnichannel customer during his journey. A transformation that involves a global transformation of the customer request management system within the company and the implementation of dedicated tools.

Castorama, a French chain of DIY, decoration and home improvement retailers, has understood this and has sought to perfect the relationship between its points of sale and the head office. A strategy based on improving communication between its stores and the company’s support services, as part of its transformation program. The group wanted to track store requests and give visibility on the progress of processing them regardless of the department of the head office concerned.

The objective was to re-establish a strong link between the various support services provided to the stores: group experts and partners including Acticall Sitel (level 1 at Acticall Sitel, level 2 internally with the Blue Team, then level 3 with internal services such as Supply Chain, Management Control, Plano…).

All this was done in order to ensure the traceability of store demand. It was therefore essential for the DIY giant to deploy a strategy with a simple and effective tool to restore the connection between physical and digital.

A more fluid store experience thanks to innso Interactions

Castorama has opted for the innso Interactions solution, a platform published by innso, a subsidiary of Sitel Group. “It makes the Store Experience more fluid and gives the in-store employee access to all his requests. With just a few clicks, it displays its request history and processing status, as well as any additional information or questions raised by internal departments,” explains Nicolas Raffin, innso’s General Manager.

The store sends its requests to create delivery notes via email (an email that can lead to the creation of tickets, one per delivery note) then it follows via the platform, usable on smartphone or tablet thanks to responsive design, the progress of the processing of its delivery notes. They are processed at level 1 by the Acticall Sitel teams, Castorama’s partner, then at level 2, in the event of disputes or complex requests, by a specialized team within the company, called the Blue Team. The store has the possibility to access all the history and evolution of the processing of a request online. It also has a dashboard that summarizes all its requests in real time for Castorama’s 103 stores.

This method avoids the store having to contact the Blue Team again to find out the status of its requests, and allows fluid communication between the various departments and end-to-end monitoring. The in-store employee can answer questions from the internal services in a few clicks, then close the request when the processing is satisfactory and he/she gives his/her consent. An exchange facility that improves store satisfaction because the processing of delivery notes, among other things, is optimized, and the profitability of the processing team, which has more time to support the stores.

“This device leads to a change in methods at Castorama. The platform is designed as a real store relationship service, ensuring the traceability of files and not just a service desk,” explains Nicolas Raffin. The in-store employee can easily transmit a delivery note, without cumbersome administrative management and therefore without “pollution” of the relationship with internal services. The platform also provides the store manager or regional manager with an overview of orders and progress KPIs.

A 360° and real-time view of the customer

After a pilot period in the summer of 2017 in two French stores, Castorama, in partnership with Acticall Sitel and innso, deployed the system in its 103 stores in France in early October. “With innso Interactions, we support companies like Castorama in reorganizing the processing of points of sale to ensure end-to-end follow-up of requests and optimize their processes. innso Interactions can also be extended to customer contact processing across all channels to enable physical points of sale to deliver a relevant and seamless Customer Experience,” says Nicolas Raffin.

It’s an optimized multi-channel commitment, which gives companies a consolidated 360° view of the customer in real time.