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  • Integrations

    Innso integrates with your information systems (CRM, ERP, WMS and other tools) to display additional customer information at the right time for your agent. These integrations offer an optimized and consistent customer experience regardless of the channel. We ensure that all data is synchronized and up-to-date by unifying every customer interaction and event carried out on third-party applications and on our platform.

  • Co-Building

    We regularly share our product and R&D roadmaps with our customers. This collaborative approach enables to co-construct our product with user experience on top of mind. Partner with us today at the innso Lab to find out how you can help build the customer service platform of the future.

  • Development

    Innso is a modular platform designed to meet the needs of your business and capable of adapting to your existing workflows, KPIs, dashboards and reporting. Our product is flexible by design. Adapt your agent screens to fit with your line of business and processes.

Optimize on the fly

Innso offers product features and functionalities that are designed by and for Customer Service professionals.

The interface is optimized for different types of users and can be adjusted to adapt to the needs of each department.
With innso, you will always have an expert who understands your business needs and guides you in configuring and optimizing your agent desktop.

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Become an innso expert

Because we believe that operations need to be agile in order to independently manage their activity.
For your teams to get familiar with our software, we have experts to guide you through training and certification programs.


Innso offers face-to-face initial training for your teams and is will guide you through the first weeks. These training courses are aimed at agents, supervisors, operations managers and administrators.


In addition to the initial in-person training, innso also offers a digital training model. We strongly recommend this option if you’re looking training in-house for new teams and agents.


Our program is aimed at administrators and integrators of the innso platform. We have 3 levels of certification based on the depth of functionalities – trainee, expert and elite.

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Join innso’s 20,000 users in delivering
outstanding customer experience

  • Our experts drive software implementation

  • We train your teams to drive every interaction via the application

  • Customize the interface to match your brand’s identity