The first edition of Innso Day was an opportunity to present the ambitions and future directions of innso—ambitions largely inspired by the expectations and operational needs of customers.

“Over the past two years, we have expanded from France into a number of large European countries, including the UK, Germany and Spain, where the Sitel Group has a solid base,” says Ana Athayde , Sales and Marketing Director at innso. “Different companies in different countries have very specific needs, different mechanisms and working methods. They question and test the capabilities of our solutions. As a result, we grow as a company, thanks to our understanding of needs, our responsiveness, and our global presence.”

The unveiling of an ambitious roadmap for the coming months is one of the highlights of this first Innso Day. After four years of strong growth, the customer experience software publisher confirms its promise of value, based on very close proximity to its customers. Agility and optimization are at the heart of every development for this software platform.

“The roadmap is based on four pillars: conversation, knowledge, automation and smart data” explains Nicolas Raffin, founder and CEO of innso. “First of all, we are investing in Conversational. Our ambition is to offer a unified conversation model between customers and the brand, regardless of the channels used—SMS, Messenger, Chat, WhatsApp, and so on. The idea is to be able to give customers maximum freedom without losing customer service.”

“In addition, our platform makes it possible to implement multimodal solutions that make it possible to associate conversation with action. We can thus equip a complex customer journey in a simple and modular way, by associating a conversation with a workflow of actions or, alternatively, starting from an action to notify the customer through a conversation.”

“Our conviction is that customers want to be able to enter into conversation with a brand quickly and simply, and then expect the right people to be called upon to deal with and resolve their problem.”

Innso also offers an integrated knowledge base, which can be fed collaboratively by advisors and clients to ensure easy updating of information. This knowledge base will be available to agents and end customers and will be accessible through a selfcare portal.

“With the smart data module, our customers will be able to go even further in the personalization of innso dashboards and will be able to call on our libraries of KPIs from the field,” explains Nicolas.

Finally, thanks to automation, managers and agents will be assisted in the creation of their own bots that can be used and piloted on the platform, handling specific customer relationship tasks. And thanks to innso’s innovative BotTrainer solution, they will be able to train and calibrate any AI engine to improve understanding of intentions, detect the tone of customer requests and, of course, ensure the relevance of responses.

Although these technological challenges are exciting, the most important aspect of an Innso Day is the collaboration with customers, according to Nicolas.

“This is an opportunity to meet our clients in a more informal setting, to keep them up to date on our projects, and to introduce them to the entire innso platform and the extent of its functionality,” he says. “But much more than that, it’s an opportunity to listen to what they have to tell us. Their opinions and testimonies are precious and we appreciate their critical and demanding outlook!”

The customer is first

Providing the tools and solutions that customers really need is the reason the business has grown so fast. “We are in the process of expanding our team in Paris and we are starting to recruit talent for the opening of our first offices in the United States,” explains Nicolas. But, as he explains, it is imperative that the team cultivate this co-construction approach that has brought the company to the current situation.

“When we listen—really listen—to a decision maker, we quickly discover that we can do a lot more for them. Our approach is not purely technical; it is advice-oriented, providing the best answers to pain points, understanding the detailed strategic challenges of the Operational Departments. If you don’t know how to best meet a client’s needs, you will never provide a real solution.”

Plotting a route together

Resolutely faithful to this principle, innso’s roadmap plots out an itinerary that will be traveled together. Clients are therefore involved in this co-construction. “Some of our clients just use email management or quality management. They may not be aware that we also offer automation and knowledge management services. Presenting the platform in its entirety will give them ideas that could guide their own innovation strategy,”comments Nicolas. “Innso Day is a highlight of the year and also an opportunity for our customers to influence the path we are taking.”

“On this trip, we intend to leverage our DNA – solutions developed by operations for operations. As you grow older it can be easy to become what I would call a traditional software vendor. You look inwards and think about where to go next,” explains Nicolas.

“We look outward and know which direction to go. Every module in our platform has been developed by working with a user—an agent, a coach, a manager—to deliver something tangible. And the only way to keep this agile DNA that characterizes us is to continue working like that.”

Put the customer in charge

Alongside decision-makers and customer relations operatives, the entire innso team is present during this Innso Day, enhancing their 360° understanding of their customers. It also allows innso’s growing team to remain focused, enthusiastic and motivated, with even greater engagement and cooperation between the company and its customers. Nicolas Raffin hopes to allow clients to benefit from this moment of co-development and co-construction.

“Once the roundtables and workshops were over, we could already refine elements of the roadmap,” he says optimistically. “We want this event to end with clients coming to our offices to test, develop and prototype new ideas. And these visits will in turn inform the route we take.”

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