Innso Day was a success and we thank all participants for their presence, interest in our solutions and active contribution to the afternoon product workshops.

We will come back to the content and discussions of Innso Day in the coming days, but as of now we can share the highlights of the day with you.

Nicolas Raffin opened the day by recalling the DNA of innso – a software publisher born at the heart of the customer relationship ecosystem – and its ambition to continue developing solutions for brands looking for a simple, operational approach, agile and innovative to succeed or transform their customer relationship. He took the opportunity to introduce our “special guest” James Lee, VP Solutions & Strategy inso in the United States.

During the customer experience roundtable, Jean François Oberhauser, Customer Service Manager at Orange France, confirmed the successful deployment of innso to optimize the management of cold flows as part of the transformation program of the ProPME department. The robustness, flexibility and professionalism of innso have been recognized and emphasized. Daniel Korb, Head of Subsidiary Support Department in the Europe Cards Department at Total, presented his project to professionalize the management of 24/7 multilingual incoming calls in his cards business and how innso, already set up at AS24 and currently currently being deployed at Total, enables the quality of operations, the transfer of knowledge and the training of advisers to be controlled.

After the break we had the pleasure of welcoming Guillaume Laskowski and Karim Ben Djemiaa from EY Consulting and Marco Noel from IBM Watson. They shared their vision with us on the complementarity of RPA and AI. Guillaume and Karim shared a concrete case of the digitization of a call center of one of the leaders in telecommunications in Europe in which more than 200 robots have been deployed allowing the automation of around 45 processes and sub-processes. Marco presented a case study of email automation in the banking industry, where Watson’s AI has changed the lives of 20,000 advisors, helping to respond faster and more consistently to 60% of questions

It should be noted that the three experts pointed out that the key to the success of an automation project lies in the human being, who takes the time to properly analyze the processes and identify the desired areas of progress, who makes the effort to embark the teams by demonstrating the value created on a daily basis and which ensures real leadership of the project.

In the afternoon, and after an energizing yoga break, innso’s Product and Professional Services teams got into action with a plenary presentation dedicated to an update of the latest developments in the innso platform, which we will detail in more detail. late. Then, they led two product workshops, one dedicated to the new Engage module which will revolutionize the management of conversational channels – chat, messaging, social networks – thanks to its unified universal interface and another, dedicated to the changes that we are planning soon on the Analytics module. Here the ambition is to go even further thanks to dashboards adjusted by profile – advisor, team manager, flow manager, manager, order giver – presenting KPIs dedicated to the management of the activity in real time and in deferred time. The user will have progress views at his disposal to closely monitor performance but will also be able to analyze trends and thus identify areas for improving the customer experience and the advisor experience.