In the new retail era, the companies that thrive are those that fuse the best elements of physical, bricks-and-mortar stores with the benefits of the digital, e-commerce wave.

Dubbed “Phygital”, this fusion is already transforming how retailers link their stores with their websites in order to build new levels of customer service. But unless companies have the right technological tools at their disposal, they could very easily wipe out while attempting to surf the Phygital wave.

 “Our omnichannel Customer Engagement platform centralises all customer interactions regardless of communication channel. Its specific set of features – knowledge base, customer cards and records, etc. – allow our agents to be especially reactive,” explains Nicolas Raffin, Founder & CEO of innso, software editor and subsidiary of Sitel Group. “The ergonomically designed, unified interface and workflow management tools help agents handle customer queries within short time frames, even in complex situations involving several partners and/or several countries.”

Engineered to be intuitive, flexible and easily adaptable to every client type, and boasting a user-friendly design, the innso platform’s architecture adapts to the specific needs of each company, even as they evolve.

“We develop technology that fosters our clients’ agility, by giving them real room for manoeuvre,” says Nicolas Raffin. “That’s why we conceive, together with our clients, the platform’s ‘last mile’ to meet their objectives, such as reducing AHT, increasing productivity, improving customer satisfaction and customer service quality.”

In retail, the platform gives in-store salespeople access to complete customer histories, including the details of all interactions and queries. This streamlines the customer journey and boosts customer satisfaction. It means there’s no need for customers to explain prior in-store visits or previous customer service calls – the salesperson has all the information readily available. The customer thus feels valued, and appreciates the personalised treatment.

The innso platform pools all customer relation channels together via a single, unified interface, simplifying the way a client tracks its customer relations and quality service. With plug-and-play enabled, the platform can also pull in data from third-party apps, is cloud ready, and is open to high levels of further customisation, depending on individual client need.