Bring agility to customer service

Innso’s Unified Agent Desktop offers an integrated
approach to customer service

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A truly omnichannel interface to manage all conversations and customer requests in one place.

Aggregate data from various touch points to gain a complete 360° view of your customers.

Refer to past requests, interactions, events and customer feedback to provide personalized experiences.

Integrate automation at the right moment in the customer journey to drive efficiency and ensure focus.

An instant view of your backlog, to ensure constant measurement of your teams and their SLA​s.

Select the most appropriate actions to take in transferring, holding, and prioritizing each customer request.

Real-time management of all conversations

  • Monitor open and closed customer conversations and requests in real-time

  • Get a comprehensive view of all key performance indicators

  • Enable your operational managers to configure the platform at any time

  • Monitor the number of inquiries managed by country, team, service, manager…

  • One unified dashboard aggregating all data and providing a overview of operations
  • Dashboard-supervision
  • User-supervision

Innso Unify

Offer an end-to-end customer experience with an omnichannel unified agent desktop.

Orchestrate inquiries

Coordinate, follow and resolve customer inquiries, interactions and back-office activities.

Manage all conversations and requests seamlessly in one unified desktop. Empower your teams with an integrated view of all customer interactions and cases.

  • Call Disposition

  • Case Management

  • Email Management

  • CTI and Call-Back

  • Back-Office

  • Notifications

Create continuous conversations

Build closer connections with your customers by engaging in a continuous conversation.

Our unified platform means your agents can switch between channels, conversations and customers with a simple and intuitive interface.

  • Chat, In-App Chat

  • WhatsApp

  • Messenger

  • SMS

  • Social Media

  • Chatbot Integration

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Seamless Integration

Innso offers standard and customized APIs to connect with your in-house applications and third-party software











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