Tens of thousands of users have their work made easier every day thanks to innso’s customer service platform. Here we share a snapshot of two of them, based at Sitel’s contact center in Rouen. 

Today, we’re taking you to northern France, where the coastal cathedral city of Rouen is entwined with the history of art (impressionist Claude Monet, modernist Marcel Duchamp, street artist Invader), politics (Joan of Arc, François Hollande), and even sailing: the port plays host to an international gala event every five years.

It’s also the base for a top French business school, an art school, university, and several engineering schools. It’s here we find one of Sitel’s dozen-plus strategically located onshore contact centers.

We’re here to learn how innso simplifies, automates and connects back office, customer service operations, and customers themselves. In talking to the teams that use innso on a daily basis, we meet Marie Langlois and François David, both of whom make essential contributions to the success of B2B projects. 

Marie Langlois, Operations Manager, Sitel RouenMarie Langlois, Operations Manager, Sitel Rouen

Marie, an Operations Manager, is responsible for 15 team leaders and 250 agents. At 35 years of age, she has already accumulated 12 years of experience in customer service. Beginning as an agent, she moved to team leader, and then to her current position, managing operations for a major player in the energy market.

Simplify and automate back office with innso

When we talk to Marie about innso, her eyes light up. “It’s really simplified things. We use it for middle and back office, and some of those tasks can take a very long time. Treating those more time-consuming tasks asynchronously then causes a bottleneck which obstructs other parts of the process. Before innso, I would have to extract files several times a day, export to Excel, distribute to teams, and then verify everything had been processed at the end of each day.

Efficiency gains for Marie and her teams are significant: loading these files through innso now takes a couple of seconds, and tasks are automatically distributed to agents according to their skills.

Marie explains that innso has an empowering effect: she sees, in real time, how tasks are progressing so that she can allocate staff resources accordingly in accordance with operational targets. She sees operational productivity at the agent level, so that she can challenge and accompany agents in need of support. Compared to life before innso, productivity is up by 15%. 

Provide agents with valuable performance insights

I wanted to know if the granular nature of innso’s insights had caused any tension. Marie replies to the contrary.

“It’s quite the opposite, because our agents value clarity and evenhandedness. Automatic task distribution avoids situations where some agents end up leaving the more challenging cases for others. What’s more, with innso they can easily see which tasks they have coming up and can measure their progress.” 

Conserve customer conversations through thick and thin 

In the building opposite we find François, 39 years old. As if we’ve switched dimensions altogether, we’re in deep with some serious tech-heads: François takes care of remote support for a leading telco. His objective is to accompany clients and resolve major incidents. As he tells us, “The key is to maintain strong links with the customer. Service disruptions are often very stressful for them, causing a butterfly effect for other activities.” 

What he needs is a customer service solution that conserves that link with customers. In these situations, live voice calls aren’t always the most practical. “It’s not easy to ensure both parties are available at the same time. Most often there’s a short gap between them.” 

A revolution in perspective

For François, innso has produced “a revolution” in perspective. The tool enables him to establish or re-establish a conversational link after each contact with a customer. 

An SMS is sent after first contact, meaning that the customer and the technician can exchange information, propose solutions, and stay in touch until the situation is resolved. 

“This is a much simpler way to send information and to assure customers that we’re with them all the way. They know we are not abandoning them, and they have record of all relevant information in the same place.” 

Easily manage multiple conversations

When we ask what it’s like to manage several conversations at once, he says “the tool is really helpful in that respect, we have a great overview of each active conversation and we receive an alert whenever a customer replies.” In real terms, then, what sort of difference has it made? François responds with a big smile. “A 15-point improvement in satisfaction. I’d been plateauing for months beforehand—and yet I haven’t had to change anything else about the way I work.”

Wrapping up, François tells us that he doesn’t really see innso as a software tool. “A tool is something extra, something that takes a while to get to grips with. Innso is more like a solution to our problems. It fits right into our working environment and you get the hang of it in 30 minutes. 

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