SMS is not “dead”. While instant messaging and social networks are in vogue, SMS remains timeless and confirms more than ever its added value for digital marketing and customer relations.

The figures speak for themselves: in the United Kingdom, SMS communication is increasing every day and more and more consumers want to receive messages via this channel: at the end of 2016 there were 37.2 million, a figure that should reach almost 50 million by 2020 (The State of SMS, 2017). With more than 50 billion SMS messages exchanged each quarter (JDN, Arcep 2016), France continues to actively support SMS communication.

SMS continues to appeal to users because of the speed with which it enables communication; an asset that serves both consumers and brands. Less than 3 minutes elapse between receiving and reading a message, and the opening rate is close to 95% according to the 2017 Mobile Marketing Association Quarterly Report. Figures that demonstrate the unavoidable business potential of this channel.
A solution to boost customer engagement and promote commercial rebound

Whether it is to boost sales, acquire new customers, build customer loyalty, send notifications or conduct satisfaction surveys, SMS messages serve each step of the customer journey. But beyond a punctual service, it acts as a conversational channel that connects all the moments of the customer journey to make it no longer a journey of successive stages, but a fluid and permanent conversation.

By allowing SMS interactions with customers, brands optimize the performance of their marketing campaigns. The fluid feedback loops that SMS promote significantly increase the transformation rate of these campaigns thanks to a commercial rebound that can either be automated, when the brand offers the customer to indicate his choice between two offers for example, or managed by an agent if the brand prefers to initiate a conversation directly with its customer.
1 platform = all possible conversations

Innso now offers seamless management of these feedback loops thanks to Conversational SMS. Innso’s multi-protocol conversational module not only allows you to conduct conversations in Live Chat, Messenger, Twitter or Facebook, but also integrates SMS.

The agent visualizes the initial SMS and the customer’s response on the innso platform and can initiate a conversation synchronously or asynchronously. Depending on the customer’s response, the system automatically triggers a response on several loops based on the number of conversational paths that have been modeled. At any time, the agent can take control of the conversation again to provide information or invite him to switch to another channel if he wishes.

But the uses of conversational SMS do not stop there. It is also beneficial for Customer Service. Activated in a targeted way, SMS contributes to the deflection of incoming and outgoing calls, by soliciting the customer at very specific times during the processing of his request. This request can be triggered manually by an agent, or automatically via the platform. It may or may not give rise to a conversation, depending on the route you have defined. The agent has a complete overview of all SMS exchanges in addition to interactions on other channels.