As the channels multiply, businesses and customers are losing their conversation. All a customer has to do is stumble upon bad service, use the wrong channel, or need a response to another request for them to be referred to another caller and have to repeat what they want. ‘he has communicated before.

Despite an organization in silos and processes rarely designed in favor of the customer, solutions exist for companies that wish to keep the conversation thread with their customers. In the third edition of its “State of the Connected Customer” report, Salesforce reports that 59% of consumers generally feel they are communicating with different departments instead of one and the same company. In an age of seamless customer experience and unified conversation, in reality it isn’t.

Consumers continue to use several different channels for information or resolution to their problem. And very often, for a single request, they are forced to repeat their contact, failing to obtain a satisfactory answer all at once. Worse, they have to provide their identity, customer information, and journey history every time they interact with a business. Obviously, that doesn’t suit them. According to the latest Customer Service Observatory (BVA – ESCDA 2019), for 44% of consumers, repeating the question several times or to several interlocutors to be understood has a negative impact on their experience. Also, 39% dislike being transferred, having to contact another department, or use another channel.

An organization around the conversational

And yet brands know it: they need to put the customer at the center and not make them feel like their organization comes first. One of the recurring issues lies in the organization and the processes put in place. By multiplying the channels, brands only add to the complexity of customer interactions. Management and customer engagement platforms today are not able to deliver a smooth and seamless experience.
At issue: the organization in silos. Each service works on its own and some channels are managed independently of each other. As for social networks, their management is often split between communication, marketing and customer relations. So it’s time to change the organization, to unify customer data, conversation and metrics, so that the conversation becomes a priority and not cut off with the customer.

Unify the conversation whatever the channel and the tools

Within the innso teams, we have found a solution. Whatever the population in charge of the client – front and back-office advisers, community managers, technicians, salespeople in the field, etc. – we have developed a solution to unify the conversation, regardless of the channel used and the interaction tool chosen at the start.

From a single interface, all interactions are brought together and unified. This allows the conversation to continue with the customer, without disruption. innso integrates around twenty different contact channels: live chat, social networks, mail, telephone, instant messaging, etc. With the new conversational Engage module, the platform brings together all the control and measurement tools: DMT, end-to-end management measurement, rebound, customer and advisor effort, SLA control, etc.

Increase productivity and reduce repetition

Through innso Engage, our vocation is to remove the obstacles encountered by companies, to maintain a unified conversation with their customers, but also to optimize their productivity. Indeed, by further mastering the art of seamless conversation with their customers, they become more efficient and reduce repetitions.

This is what we have already managed to do with one of our clients. With 40 advisers who deal with social networks, chat and WhatsApp, this insurance player encountered difficulties in controlling its flows, complying with SLAs and managing workforce management. By equipping our innso Engage platform, it reduced 30% of iterations thanks to better visibility of SLAs.

Mastering the art of seamless omnichannel conversation is a real challenge, which is not without difficulty for businesses that find themselves forced to reorganize. With innso Engage, we offer them the opportunity to optimize this unified conversation. This constitutes both a commitment and a posture that brands will have to adopt in the very near future.