Nouvelle marque, nouveau logo et nouveaux horizons ! A partir du 1e mai, Innso devient innso.  Entretien avec Ana Athayde, General Manager EMEA qui nous parle de cette nouvelle dynamique qui s’accompagne d’un changement de nom. Prochaine étape le lancement de la marque innso aux Etats-Unis.

New brand, new logo and new horizons! From May 1 th , Innso becomes innso. Interview with Ana Athayde, General Manager EMEA who tells us about this new dynamic that comes with a name change. The next step is the launch of the innso brand in the United States.

Welcome to innso. Why this change?

When we started our rebranding exercise, our goal was to find an iconic name. A name that is easy to pronounce, simple to spell and suitable for all markets. Short names are all the rage; and it was in line with our desire to adopt a short name for our BotB brand and software platform. A more Anglo-Saxon sound was also obviously sought after to meet decision-makers and customer relations professionals on the different continents.

Innso reflects the essence of our values. In one word: it combines innovation and intelligence with software and solutions.

Does this new logo mean a new positioning?

The good news is that our identity is not changing. We like to say that we come from the field. The Anglo-Saxon expression “born from the field” reflects our state of mind. The product was born in the heart of the call center platters. This is our story, it started with the users, client advisors, supervisors and contractors who know the use cases best. It is with them that we “designed” the desktop agent and the customer service control screens to make them truly agile and operational. We remain aligned with these values ​​of simplicity and agility in the service of final satisfaction, that of the customer but also of the agent. Moreover, the smile in the letter “O” is a nod to the smiley face of satisfaction and successful customer experience. An emoji that you or I easily use when experiencing smooth, easy, and efficient customer service.

What was the best moment of this rebranding?

Of course, unveiling the new brand name to the Innso and Sitel Group teams … It’s always a pretty delicate style exercise; we mobilized teams in France, Europe and the United States on the various stages of the project. And finally innso returned to the top of the list because it met our criteria of consistency, on the one hand, and the need to have better international visibility.

What’s your news for the summer?

Two major meetings await us with the EmpowerCX in London, the owner event of Sitel Group and that of  CX Paris , the event organized by the Net Media / Relation Client Magazine press group. We practice ubiquity since we will be on the same day with two mobilized teams; one in London, and the other in Paris! Hoping that our customers will be so in (n) love with the new signature of our brand.