Find out how Sitel Group®’s spin-off, together with fast-growing network infrastructure company Sogetrel, implemented two vital new customer contact channels in the midst of a viral pandemic, drastically reducing turnaround and realizing a rapid ROI.

This year end, Thibault Constans (Director of Customer Relations at Sogetrel) and Marc Bory (Sogetrel’s Account Manager at innso) got together with Eric Dadian, President of the AFRC — the French Association of Customer Relations — who was hosting another iteration of the network’s ongoing webinar series.

The trio discussed how innso’s approach to automation, routing, and contact center messaging ratcheted up quality and ROI through scalable, secure platform management — and at a time when those features were needed more than ever before.

“Today, we have more than 3,500 technicians in the field, domestic annual growth of 10% to 15%, and about 3 million internet connections to manage,” explained Thibault. “In terms of customer relations, there are nearly 600 advisors, about of which are half in-house and half with service providers.”

“That’s 50,000 calls and 15,000 emails per month. Globally, it’s a lot, a lot of interactions, around 40 million.”

Customized Power

As a leading partner for French Telecom providers, Sogetrel specializes in ultra high speed fiber network deployments and a collection of digital solutions focused on IP security and smart cities.

With an eye on boosting efficiencies, reducing costs, and winning major business in 2021 and beyond, Sogetrel had been looking to upgrade its customer relations capabilities, and settled on innso’s agile, modular platform as its chosen solution after vetting other leading technology providers in the market.

Instead of “getting 80% of what you expect and never developing the rest” from an internal solution, or “only 90% of what you want” from one of innso’s contenders—Thibault drew a laugh with his almost-but–not–quite naming of another leading software provider—“a tool like this is going to evolve as we go along”, he explained. “I can configure 80% of it and only need 20% developed. It’s enormously powerful.”

Thanks to a carefully planned rollout process, work on Sogretel’s implementation of the innso platform was already well underway when COVID-19 struck France. Call disposition, email, scripting, CRM integration, customer profiles and workflows were all in place.

And then the first wave of lockdowns hit, leaving Sogetrel to rearrange thousands of visits in an instant.

SOS Conditions Call for SMS Conversations

“We cancelled all our customer appointments. That’s 20,000 visits to rearrange. We had to find a solution very, very quickly.” It was time to call in the SMS cavalry.

“We had a discussion on Thursday evening, Friday. We talked about putting in an SMS-based solution but nothing was in place.”

Yet “by Sunday or Monday, it was operational. We were able to send personalized messages to our clients to let them know what was happening.”

And the next week?

“Now we had a section of clients who were working from home and needed fiber connections right away,” recalls Thibault, “and another large section of clients who didn’t want to see us, they were afraid [of the virus].”

“That’s when we had a second discussion with innso and decided to set up conversational SMS.”

A Fantastic Response

“The customer response rate was fantastic. Nearly 80% replied, and they replied very very quickly; we had 75% responding within 6 hours. After 15 minutes I already had a ratio of customers wanting to maintain or cancel appointments, and I had a good sense of the general sentiment after half an hour.”

“Turnaround time was much, much shorter and visibility was attained rapidly, enormously helpful in moments like this.”

Thanks to innso’s steady, step-by-step strategy, reliable Test and Learn methods, and expert implementation, Sogetrel customer relations staff are now overseeing 60,000 SMS notifications and 40,000 SMS conversations every month.

Annual cost savings from innso’s SMS solution are projected at 23 times that of its initial setup investment, after ROI being realized in two weeks.

A similar investment in innso’s Self-service channel reached ROI in 1 month, with 13 times that amount saved on a yearly basis.

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