With each passing day, Artificial Intelligence is getting closer to the Customer Relationship. Eventually, human and machine will combine in a fluid and intelligent way.

This is the belief of Sitel Group and the reason why the innso R&D team has developed the concept of BotShore, convinced that the emergence of new professions at the heart of Customer Relations prepares the Customer Experience of tomorrow.

Interactions have evolved, omnichannel is everywhere, and the question now is how to set up and manage multiple levels of processing: 100% automated, semi-automated or human with the assistance of bots. Automated interactions can be in the front-office responding to customer requests, and also in the back-office to automate processes and workflows in a targeted manner, helping contact center agents to offer better solutions to customers. The bot listens along to the conversation, understands intentions, and provides recommendations or actions to take.

But for that, we have a little way to go. Efforts have focused too much on the construction of response trees, and not enough on understanding customers‘ intentions.

This is where innso and Sitel Group decided to act with the birth of BotTrainer , an innso platform module that allows advisers to train and then manage bots.

To find out more, we invite you to read the Sitel Group blog post Birth of the BotShore concept: Welcome to the next generation Customer Experience.