Brands have developed the conversational to be closer to their customers, but all collide today to the same difficulties – optimize the digital customer relationship  and manage all social networks and instant messaging applications efficiently .
C’est ce défi qu’innso a relevé avec son nouveau module de gestion unifiée des conversations clients, présenté par Ana Athayde, Directrice Générale d’innso et Vincent Van Elsuve, Directeur des Services Professionnels, début avril lors d’un webinar.  

Conversational communication must be developed on the various channels used on a daily basis by consumers. L es habits and specificities of use may vary by country, contact reasons see e even times of the day. It is essential to take into account risk es caused by an absence of e response to consumer requests.

  • 64% of consumers expect one real-time interaction;
  • 73% may change brand if the level of service n ‘is not optimal ;
  • S only 45% des teams customer service estimate that their service multichannel is satisfactory .

Omnichannel management unified is not the holy grail, but almost !

Regardless of the size of his team,  each mark a need a platform agile, intuitive and integrated , allowing to manage in a unified way all the channels of the customer relationship .

Née au cœur de l’écosystème des centres de contact, innso répond à cette exigence en offrant une expérience conseiller optimisée pour gérer sans couture les conversations et demandes client.  

Le module conversationnel d’innso présenté lors du webinar permet de gérer en même temps, dans une interface unifiée, le live chat, le sms, les messageries instantanées telles que WhatsApp ou Messenger, et les réseaux sociaux comme Twitter et Facebook.  

Advisors can switch between channels without constraint, with control constant of the average processing time of each conversation. They can consult the history of exchange s while chatting , put update the customer file, close, transfer, escalate a request, perform a guided diagnosis, qualify the conversation or of course close it . They have a library flexible from messages and from typical responses helping them to respond quickly with the right level of quality. Finally, they have alerts to the screen indicating any exceeding of the DMT and du SLA . These are defined for each channel, activity, type of customer and reason for contact. 

Les superviseurs disposent d’écrans de supervision en temps réel pour piloter l’activité et savoir qui fait quoi, quel est l’état du stock et s’il est nécessaire de renforcer/ou alléger le nombre de conseillers par canal, activité et compétence. Ceci afin de respecter l’engagement et la qualité de service de la marque. Les managers ont accès à des dashboards détaillés pour suivre l’ensemble des KPIs au niveau global, par marque, site, équipe, compétence, motif de contact, canal, mailbox, ou autres filtres définis spécifiquement pour votre activité. 

The SMS , a tactical channel in the hand of the brand

In the 2nd part of the webinar, Alexandre Rabouille, Key Account Manager of Sitel France, shared his feedback on SMS with the largest French telecom operator.

It presents it as a channel universal  used by the majority of French people . Indeed, some consumers do not want to use social networks or instant messaging applications, but they all have an integrated channel, the SMS.

Simple and efficient, the SMS makes it possible to quickly reach customers, employees, staff s nomads, stores or brand partners. It can be used to provide access to a self-service portal or like a support channel through which customers are guaranteed a quick response when looking to attach the mark. Finally, it also allows to automate certain parts of a customer journey .

According to Alexander , l ‘SMS usage is particularly efficient in the following cases : customer support with q uestions-answers , r retrieving information or documents, validation of availability for the management of appointment you, t ransactions with tracking progress, on payment and tutorial s related to billing or ordering.

The SMS can be co mbiné by voice to reduce call repetition or provide customer support during peak calls. It improves customer satisfaction thanks to the personalization of the exchange and the support which becomes possible from end to end.

Combine SMS and Voice to reduce call repetition – Use case

The use case presented by Alexandre is a good illustration of the benefits of SMS. The objective of this project was to significantly reduce call repetition , improve the completeness of requests and speed up r the service provided to the customer. I n fine, to increase customer satisfaction.

Les résultats sont spectaculaires. La réitération baisse de 8 points pour les appels renouvelés un jour après le premier appel. Et la réitération des appels une semaine après le premier appel baisse de 16 points. A ceci s’ajoute une augmentation de la productivité de 4% entre les SMS et les appels, une diminution des temps de traitement de 33% et une augmentation de 14% de l’expérience client. 

Pour ce projet, l’initialisation de la conversation SMS est à la main du conseiller. Celui-ci décide lors du premier appel client s’il est nécessaire de lui offrir un support direct via SMS. En moyenne, 52% des clients sont contactés par SMS et 27% répondent au moins une fois. 90% des clients sont pris en charge dans les 30 minutes après réponse. C’est un facteur important car la marque fait gagner du temps au client et accélère véritablement la résolution de sa demande 

A l a fence of each tracked request e by SMS , innso a triggered the sending of a satisfaction survey. The results are here also exceptional, with a response rate se of 47% and an NPS (Net Promoto r Score) of 74. L es verbatim client  show well the ur very high level of satisfaction ion:

It is really a good idea to be able to reach you at any time ! It’s much more efficient. ”

8, the 2 missing points are for waiting at beginning (by tel). If we are just talking about the SMS exchange I would give 10. Have a nice day and thank you again.

“N’arrêtez pas les échanges SMS. C’est super ! 10” 

Alexandre a également signalé un bénéfice complémentaire avec la satisfaction des conseillers. Le service efficace rendu au client et la reconnaissance de ces derniers a valorisé leur action et mis en exergue la valeur de leur activité. 

Les questions-réponses 

Les échanges ont été riches en fin de webinar. Nous en partageons quelques-uns avec vous. 

How long is the deployment time?
It’s very fast , less than a month . Above all, it is a question of carefully thinking about the course of the SMS and the trajectory of the indicators.

Is change management difficult?
No, since the platform is particularly adjusted to the needs of operations. It is immediately taken over by advisers and supervisors .

What proportion of your customers have adopted SMS?
This channel is growing strongly . Because of the crisis COVID-19 , the d deploys ment is done on many projects. Brands are looking to move towards more digital and to reduce the pressure of the telephone reception. SMS can clearly improve the fluidity of the service .
Is there significant competition?
Yes, either on “chat”, or on e-mail, or on social networks. But if we’re talking about unified omnichannel, the answer is no. I nnso combines management of all customer relationship channels and back-office processing (commonly called ticketing or case management). The ability to manage all of es process enables end-to-end tracking of customer requests. The brand can think of its operations differently and be much more flexible and agile .

How much would it cost to set up this channel?
The price varies according to the number of activity channels and the number of advisers. For all conversational channels, and more particularly SMS, the most important thing is to properly design the processing path and to define the success indicators to measure the ROI . S often a driver is offered for test the new channels, then we adjust the device and the economic model during generalization .

If you weren’t present during the webinar, you can access it by clicking on this link .